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This intensive masterclass for your emotions is designed to dump any patterns or emotions keeping you stagnant.


Learn to use your negative emotions to create the positive outcome you desire in any situation.


With guided, holding-your-hand-the-whole-way instruction from Rita, you will use the proven methods and tools to help you understand how to unlock your hidden potential quickly, so you can stop playing small.

Find Your Power

Want to feel less worry, fear, anger, and doubt in your life? Are you ready to feel abundant, finally, after searching for so long? Do you want to make a quantum leap in your income, relationships or career - or all three?


Join me for a 5-day “intensive” to drop all the emotional baggage, hurt, and fear you’ve been carrying around.

This is a real-life, deep-dive into beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you so you can create positive change.

5-Day Release Intensive

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I've been there.

Hi. I’m Rita Desnoyers-Garcia and I’ve been helping women connect with their Inner Wisdom for almost two decades. I’ve helped working moms, stay-at-home moms, and entrepreneurs do the self-reflection necessary to get what they want out of life.


My clients rely on me when fear, worry, or anxiety are getting in the way of their dreams. Just recently, I started some deeper work with clients that has created quantum-leap results. Watch this video to hear how I can help you collapse any fear in your life.


Daily Support = Confidence

You will feel completely surrounded by support. This is critical when you are taking brave action, or when you’re feeling emotionally fragile. And yes, both are necessary to create the change you desire.

Insight & Experience

The process is simple, but you need to lean on a trusted guide before you can do it on your own. Rita has the years of experience and wisdom to help you move through your specific issues, so you can make progress swiftly.

Overcome Fear

The negative emotions and old belief patterns have some deep roots. Learn how to uproot them and replace them with new, healthier patterns. Become free of your patterns and life will look very different from now on.

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What people are saying...

“I was completely amazed to see the transformation in my mind, body, and spirit after working with Rita. I was reclaiming my power!”


Teresa L.

When you sign up for the Intensive, you will work on your own mental and emotional blocks with help every step of the way.

The Powerful Change Intensive gives you:

Tools for Change

You’ll get a PDF and audio recording of the exercises that loosen the grip of the negative emotions. You can use these any time to create a more positive outcome and better opportunities for yourself.

Unlimited Check-ins

You won’t go it alone. Rita will be there for you during the hour-long sessions daily.  Get full support in between sessions via email/text from 8am-8pm.

Guidance & Love

Rita walks you through every single release exercise and guides you step-by-step through your transition into a more positive life. You will never feel left alone or unsure of what to do next.

Motivation To Transform

You will quickly learn to spot and transform negative patterns, keeping you moving ahead faster than with weekly therapy or traditional coaching.

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Here's the deal on the dollars:

You get 5 one-hour release sessions and coaching (one hour session daily for 5 days),

plus unlimited texting and emergency release sessions over the 5-day period. While Rita won’t be there at 3 in the morning for you, she does pledge that she will respond within a few hours of your call for help in the release department during the intensive time.  


-You will receive laser-focused coaching so that you are releasing on your unique limiting beliefs, negative emotions, non-productive stories, and antiquated patterns.


-You will learn a hand full of release strategies to use for your particular needs.  Rita will teach you the releases and you will be doing them together each day.  


-You will also learn tips and strategies reserved only for those who are dedicated to letting go of core issues.


-Rita will focus her energy, decades of experience, and knowledge in the service of you and your life for those 5 days.


Interested in this program? If so, this is what you will need to consider:


-Are you ready to let go of old patterns, beliefs, stories that have been plaguing you for years?  


-Are you willing to really focus on doing whatever it takes? This program does demand releasing repeated outside of our one hour sessions. Will you be able to be honest, transparent, and forthcoming so you can get to root causes and make real and more sustainable shifts in your life?  


-Are you committed enough to yourself to do what needs to be done as instructed in our time together?  (I won’t be telling you to do anything that I haven’t done myself)  Hint: the more you release, the better the results!


If what I offer resonates and you are saying “yes” to the questions I’ve asked, you may truly benefit from this 5 day intensive.


The 5 day intensive program with 5+ hours of coaching and guided releasing, unlimited texting and emergency laser sessions and focused attention from Rita is an investment of $1500.

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You get it ALL:


I’m giving you everything I use: templates, guidelines, scripts, and more, so you are covered during the time we work together and in the future.


Using my experience with clients from all walks of life, I show you exactly how to break free from your emotional burdens and uplevel your life - starting from the inside.


I know you need someone right by your side to ask, “what’s next?” and supporting you so you can make the change you desire, so I am focused on you only during the intensive. And even though this is hard, serious work we’re doing, I promise to make it fun.

As a student of the intensive, you will get 5 hours of release work with me, scripts and audio guides, and daily, on-demand support for issues that come up during the intensive. 

I practice what I preach: I have been releasing my negative emotions and reactions daily - even hourly, and have seen a tremendous difference in how I approach life. I’ll also give you the benefit of all the work I’ve done with women like you. You are in good hands.

 My goal is to help you become emotionally stronger and more resilient.

 Why wait? Click on the button below to sign up

Plus this bonus!

You'll get two follow-up sessions after the 5-day intensive. One follow-up a week later, and another follow-up session two weeks after that.

Forest Trees

I've seen amazing results from women who were scared, exhausted, stressed out, and fed up - women just like you.

I know I can help you find your power and live a more joyful life.

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