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Downloadable PDF of The Self-Compassion Project

Downloadable PDF of The Self-Compassion Project

This workbook is the antidote to endless hours of berating yourself for not finding inner peace. It's a guide to making decisions you feel good about and moving on with your awesome life.


Here's what people are saying about The Self-Compassion Project:


In the few years since Rita Desnoyers-Garcia published her Workbook The Self-Compassion Project,  I have readily been giving copies out to my psychotherapy clients.  I have found in my work there is an astounding number of individuals who have endured less than optimal life experiences that  chipped away at their sense of self and self-esteem.  

The Self-Compassion Project gently asks the reader to look at their inner voice, and intuition and full breadth of emotion.   It is an excellent accompaniment to psychotherapy. I highly recommend this workbook for anyone looking to improve their sense of self and self-acceptance.

-Amy Cox-Martins, LCSW


"I have found self-compassion to be a powerful antidote. Not beating ourselves up for our limitations our short comings. Embracing and loving ourselves for our sincere efforts to help ourselves and others. Self-Compassion has been for me the foundation for living a high integrity, genuine life."- M.R. , Coach


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    This workbook is made for you. With ample room for journaling and self-exploration, you'll be guided through simple exercises that uncover negative patterns. Rita's down-to-earth advice and stories will inspire you to revise your "stories" (AKA "crap"). Trade in the old beliefs for newer, better ones. Make decisions from that empowered place (AKA, "Your True Self") and grab the fabulous life you've been chasing for too long. Download and print this workbook to get the secrets to inner peace.

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