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The Self-Compassion Workshop

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Are you stuck in old patterns? Do you have a hard time making decisions? Are you hard on yourself? Have you been “working on yourself” but are hitting a ceiling on improvement? Do you feel inner conflict in your personal or business life?


You may need to have some self-compassion!


The Self-Compassion Project workbook was created to help women become emotionally stronger, more effective, and happier by giving themselves a break.  Now, you can dive into the workbook in a big way by attending this mini-workshop that will focus on how to most benefit from the workbook and how to use the main self-compassion exercises and strategies.  


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    What you will receive from the workshop:

    -Rita will be going over what self-compassion actually is and why so many women resist using it to understand themselves

    -Participants will actually use the workbook to do the exercises so that you can immediately see how the self-compassion process works and continue using the workbook to your benefit

    -You will have the opportunity to share and discuss your obstacles to self-compassion and how to break through them so that self-compassion becomes a default way of being

    -You will learn how to be supported by others in your self-compassion journey


    The Self-Compassion Project Workshop (includes the workbook)

    Wednesday, July 17th 

    10am-12pm (10-11:30am for workshop/11:30-12 reception)


    At the office of Lori Dalvi*, Shamanic Practitioner

    (155 Maplewood ave-has INTune sign on entrance, Suite 3- above Maplewood Theater)


    Workshop fee is $80 (includes the workbook and refreshments!)

    Workbook only is $22


    Want the workbook, but can’t make the mini-workshop?  Come to Lori’s office at 11:30 am- 12noon or go to www.becomingawake.com and order a copy.