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Hey, Stressed out Professional Mom!

Ditch the Negative BS you’re telling yourself and stop beating yourself up!- You Deserve FREEDOM!

The SEASON OF FREEDOM group coaching program is here!

Season of Freedom Group Coaching is for professional moms who want to slay the stress, overwhelm and self-doubt so they can show up as confident and encouraging parents, irresistible partners, and successful and satisfied career women. Sounds pretty badass, right?!

Imagine waking up feeling excited to get going with your day, flowing from task to activity with ease, and fun!  Imagine also having beautiful and powerful interactions with your children, your spouse and extended family and friends.  In addition, being able to weave in your most important self-care and using your schedule to work FOR you.  You’re feeling good, confident, fulfilled and successful!

“Just wanted you to know how much I really appreciate everything that you’ve and the [Freedom] group made possible. I find my life now to be in stark contrast to my 'previous life'. So much comes easier, my health, fitness and relationships with my kids, husband and meaningful friendships. Once I changed what I felt about my life, I was able to appreciate everything more and make good things happen more effortlessly. I am proud of everything that is happening, and it feels all very magical to me. I have managed to make myself a priority.
Thank you Rita.”

-R.G., Mother of 2, Entrepreneur/Artist

Your Constant Critic in your head Is Wrong About You.  Are You Ready To Let Her Go For Good?

You’re doing all the “right things” but still feeling stressed, exhausted, defeated, and isolated.

You love your career and your children but something is missing. You’re trying to juggle the kids, the career, the household, the volunteering, your spouse, your parents and maybe, just maybe, have time for yourself.  And it’s not going well. 

You just don’t get it…you’ve read the self-help books, bought the crystals, talked to experts but your family,  work, and social life just seems so hard.

The truth is…. you’re right where you belong… but we need to shift the mindset blocks that have you believing you have to…..


  • Get it perfect or not at all

  • Keep doing, doing, doing to get somewhere happier or more at peace

  • Struggle, feel frustrated and overwhelmed to be a success

  • Make sure your children are always happy

  • Prove you can do it all and by yourself

  • Please everyone (at your own expense)

  • Take action on everyone’s advice because you might be bad or wrong


These are stories you tell yourself and habits of thinking—but it doesn’t make them true!

It’s time to stand for yourself and what you really want versus sacrificing your own happiness for everyone else so that you can focus on what’s most important and make it a priority.

Own your worth as a woman, mother, wife, daughter, and a professional so that you can make decisions that work for all areas of your life.

Feel good about yourself no matter how much you think you’ve accomplished or not accomplished so that you can keep moving toward your dreams while enjoying the ride.

Honor the amazing woman, mother, and business leader who you really are right here and now!

I coach you to remove the “mind f**Kery” so you can…


...better decisions more confidently.

Feel good

...about your parenting and relationship with your kids


(aka have more connected and fun moments with your kids that you both enjoy!)

Have Time

...for yourself, your career,  passions, and family.


...all of your life even if you haven’t reached all your goals yet!

Hiking in Nature

No More Doubt or Inner Mental Soap Opera—

You Are Here to Make a Difference in Your Career and Family By Enjoying Your Life!

So what if life looked more like…

  • Waking up each day excited to show up for your career, family, and yourself because your confidence is through the roof.

  • Silencing your inner critic and mind garbage and taking on new challenges (because you are excited about it!)

  • Being clear on (and proud of) WHO YOU ARE AS AN IMPACTFUL mother, business woman and partner

  • Knowing when to say “NO, THANK YOU” to demands and obligations that don’t feel good to you.

  • Learning to be authentic in your communications so you can be clear and confident in all your relationships

  • Feeling a sense of joy and ease knowing that your family life, your personal time, and career are finally working.

  • Finally feeling empowered  and pure enjoyment knowing you are in your purpose in your life

  • Feeling love for yourself as a human being (warts and all)

Climb in and get ready. we’re going to change your all the best ways!

This isn’t an IF… it’s a WHEN you start Season of FREEDOM group coaching with us!



For 6 weeks so that you are in a community with like minded women.


Via group email so you have a coach in your back pocket.


To pull out anytime to help you feel the freedom that you will practice during the week.

(PS. If you need individual 20 minute laser coaching along the way, we can do that, too!)

Empowered Professional Moms Empowering Professional Moms

“Rita has used her extraordinary insight to help me push past my stumbling blocks.”




- Gayle, Mother, Author

“Rita’s group helped me to believe in myself- to access my power and potential that I’ve always known was there but because of my fears, I couldn’t consistently access it. Now, I’m doing something that I will stick with and I can’t tell you how much that means to me.”

- Carolyn, Mother, Therapist

No More Letting Doubt and Second Guessing Get in Your Way—It’s Time for FREEDOM, From the Inside Out

All this freedom is a small investment of
$500 for Freedom Group 

Unlock the Life You’ve Been Waiting For!



Rita's guidance has helped me get in touch with my true self. She's shown me how to bust out of sabotaging thought patterns and negative emotions, which I never knew could be so simple to do! Without the dense, stale emotions dragging me down, I've got a more positive perspective on life that feeds me now. I've "let go" of so many limiting beliefs - many I didn't even realize I had. I feel lighter, happier, and emotionally stronger. Thank you, Rita!


In the few weeks we were all together in the Freedom Group, I am now able to accept my negative attitudes and turn them into positive attitudes (most of the time). I have learned throughout the day to try to release those negative feelings and replace them with a positive affirmation. It definitely has helped to make my days much more pleasant and I am sure the people around me would also be grateful.


I feel the emotional freedom I have always wanted to feel. I have created my own miracles like the million of spiritual gurus have told me I could do, but I just never seemed to pull it off.  Well, thanks to Rita, I am pulling it off now!

I’m not kidding- Freedom Group Coaching Is Real, Deep, and Will Rock. Your. World!


Take a Sneak Peak at Just a Smidge of What We Will Cover:

  • How your thoughts and emotions work—and how they can limit OR propel us forward

  • Paths to create a schedule that works FOR you (instead of slogging through your day) 

  • Using the challenges of your day to make breakthroughs to what you need to feel worthy, confident, and enthusiastic about your life

  • Finding gifts and opportunities in problems and challenges

  • Communicating in a way that makes clear what you want and need while also connecting with your kids, spouse, extended family, boss, and friends

  • How to catch yourself when you’re “in it” emotionally (instead of spiraling, making impulsive decisions, or sacrificing your own happiness)

  • Getting clear on your personal and professional goals so you can use them to learn about yourself, break through limits, and become the person you were born to be.


Unique Solutions

Customized Coaching

Group and Individual Support

Proven Mindset and Emotional Release Tools

Compassionate Accountability

Freedom Coaching Group is for you when:

  • You’re ready to show up easily and confidently as your true self

  • You are tired of being in your own way and ready to make big changes. 

  • You are done with the notion of working hard to have a good life

  • You want to feel clear on making yourself your number one priority so you can show up for others enthusiastically

  • You’re over the self-sabotage and beating yourself up

  • You’ve said “I’m not enough” for the very last time!

Does This Have Your Name Written All Over It?

Have Questions?

Of Course You Do—You’re ready to take yourself, family, and career seriously and actually enjoy it!
(PS: We love that about you!)

Here are some of our most popular FAQS:

Who is this group for? - This group is for professional moms who want to slay the self doubt and feeling like a failure so they can show up with the kind of confidence that creates great parenting, marriage, and career life.

Is this a big mastermind where I will only get my questions answered if I happen to get called on? - No, this is an intimate group of professional moms.  There is no hiding here.  You get coached each and every time we meet.

How long is the Freedom Group? - The group lasts six weeks but you can dive in with individual coaching during or after the group ends indefinitely.

How often do we meet and for how long?  - We meet weekly on Wednesdays (starting September 27th)  for an hour for six weeks.

What if I have a question and need guidance in between group calls? - No problem at all!  You have unlimited access to me and the group on email
so you can get support and feedback.

What if I feel like I need even more support or guidance?
I also offer 1:1 coaching if you need more.  Just set up a call and we will figure out what will work best for you.

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