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Do you feel like a failure as a mom, partner, business woman (in every role)?


Have you done "everything right" and still feel unhappy and working harder than ever?


If you feel like you've been overwhelmed and searching for more for a while, I'm here to help.


I was in your shoes more than a decade ago when I was trying to raise kids and run a business.  It wasn't going well at all- it was kinda a disaster!


I was feeling frazzled and overworked, my kids were unhappy and felt neglected, and my husband was worried about all of it.


I thought I was doing "all the right things" but really I was just making matters worse.


I finally got some help through a coach who invited me to be kind with myself.


Although I didn't want to do it (what was the point?), I took a few moments to just have some self-compassion.  


It changed my life.

With a practice of self-compassion, I felt more relaxed, less reactive, more confident.

I made better decisions. 

I could say "no" when needed and planned my day better.   

I started to make time just for me and friends while also being able to be the mom I wanted to be. 

My marriage improved and my business turned around.

Now I help other moms who are crazy busy and miserable to use self-compassion as their superpower into a better, more fun and free life!

I even wrote a book about it!

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I also created a proven Calm Mom Process that gets you from frazzled and doubtful about what you are doing and how you show up to confident, grounded, and clear- so you can be the mom you really want to be while working a lot less hard!


It's time for you to find freedom in the joy in life by letting yourself off the hook.


Sometimes trying harder is not the answer - but letting up is.


I will show you how to release all the emotional baggage that's been dragging you down and keeping you miserable. By using some simple questions and basic techniques (the basis for my book and process) I'll show you how to live a happier life by giving yourself a break.


Let's get to the heart of the matter together.

The VIP Calm Mom Coaching Program includes:

- Six weekly one hour coaching sessions where we dive into the Calm Mom Process

-Daily communication via text to keep connected so you can practice what you are learning and put it into place and get real help when you need it

-The Self-Compassion Project workbook so you don't forget what you learned and can journal and reflect daily.

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