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From Chaos to
Calm Clarity


Would you like to get unstuck and take clear calm action in challenging relationships and difficult situations without second guessing yourself? Then this program is for you! 

This is for stressed out professional moms who want to finally feel confident and powerful in situations that used to torture them with doubt, confusion, frustration, and guilt. 

If you’re feeling like a hamster on a wheel of chaos around your parenting, marriage, business, friends, or family, you’re not alone. We’ve all found ourselves having anger and resentment with loved ones. Or confusion about how to deal with our children in more productive ways. Or wondering how to have difficult conversations about important subjects with our boss, our spouse, or friends. 

And if the situations seem to repeat themselves, aka “Why is this happening again?”, it’s even more painful and confusing. 

Consider this: Most people don’t understand how to get to the root causes of why these repeated scenarios seem to arise and how to do something more effective and helpful to resolve them. 

In fact, many people are in the place of “I’m tired of this but I have no clue what to do about it!” 

But what if there was a way or a process that actually addressed situations so you could see more clearly what was going on underneath the surface? 

You could find out what was tormenting you and then shift your emotions around it so you COULD do something different (and take more effective action) about it. 

What if you had this process at your disposal with ANY situation that caused you discomfort so you could turn it all around to empower you

What if you got so good at using this process that you stopped dreading or avoiding relationships, events, or situations and just enjoyed whatever came your way- knowing that it was there to help you become more calm, confident, clear, and powerful?


You could be calmer and clearer with your kids, your spouse, your clients, your boss, your in-laws…and you would be benefitting all those relationships because you are so clear and connected within yourself.


Rita here...I’ve been where you are and I had to develop this process because I had such a chaotic, confusing, frustrating, and stressed-out life. I felt like a failure as a mother of 3, a wife, a daughter, and a business owner. I also felt really lonely because my social life was in the toilet.

When I finally started working with a coach about the pain I was experiencing, I started doing a lot of research into why I kept finding myself in situations that seemed to baffle me and brought out the worst in me. Over the years, I noticed some revelatory information and cobbled it together into a process. I started using this process consistently and I realized that I was starting to understand myself more, giving myself more of what I needed until I was able to handle whatever came my way. 

I was more patient with my kids, I had more empathy for my husband. I started having more compassion for myself (imagine that?!), and my world opened up- new relationships, new opportunities, new ways of experiencing my whole life! 

This process is not for everyone. 

It’s really for women who want the suffering to stop and who perhaps have tried all sorts of solutions (meditation, crystals, therapists, gurus) but nothing seemed to stick for very long. They are looking for something at their disposal that they can use and discover new ways of dealing with what is before them. And they are willing to use it consistently. 

So many tools and strategies are great, with nice thoughts or ideas, but this process brings you through an experience that you FEEL and then shows you what to do next. It actually brings you into a new state of consciousness, so you have the energy and ability to take whatever action is necessary that just wasn’t available to you before. 


From Chaos to Calm Clarity is designed to: 

-help you see fact from fiction - so you can deal only with what truly is happening and decrease chaos 

-clearly show you where your suffering comes from- so you can deal with it more effectively


- alleviate the suffering and understand yourself more deeply- so that you can increase your energy and capacity to make decisions 

- point you in the best direction to take action, if necessary, to resolve the situation so you can help yourself and others. 


How it all works: 

  • This course meets weekly for one hour for four weeks 

  • Each week we will dive into each part of the process (beyond the introductory workshop) to learn how to maximize its effectiveness 

  • Between sessions, you’ll have access to a private group for support, questions, tips, accountability and more resources 

  • You’ll be honing your skill and using the process for everything, thus making it a practice, a habit, a way of life

When I’ve worked individually on the 'From Chaos to Calm Clarity' process,
clients invested $900 for my time and expertise.

However, since I’m making it available for a small group,
I’m offering this course for just $597!

BONUS 1: Because I want to truly uplevel your experience of being able to be calm, confident and clear in any situation that once plagued you, I’m adding a bonus tool to this course. It’s a way to release any emotions that are blocking your ability to feel completely calm as you navigate a challenging situation or relationship
The 3-Minute Emotional Release! (a $150 value)

BONUS 2: For women who came through the webinar and are buying within 24 hours,
I’m offering the whole course plus the 3-Minute Emotional Release

all for ONLY $247!!!

: Because I want to make this irresistible and easy to say “yes!” immediately, I am offering another bonus to the first 5 women who sign up: 

A private 45 minute 'Quick To Calm' coaching call with Rita to super hone in on your situation, see other possible obstacles, and get individual private attention so you can go even deeper and faster! ($150 value)

This process blew my mind and made me cry. It’s so simple and yet so profound.

- M.A. mother, artist

I have such a different awareness of what is happening. I feel so much better and more empowered to take the next steps.

- M.J. mother, coach

Wow. I can’t believe how much suffering I was experiencing. Now I see this situation in a completely different way and the suffering is gone.

- R.D. mother, author

Just to review, Here’s what you get: 

  • an extraordinary process designed to alleviate your suffering, stress, overwhelm, fear, anger and get you to a new place where you have more power, clarity, confidence, and calm.

  • four weeks of support through weekly classes and a private space to share and ask questions

  • opportunity to practice the process and get it down as a way to navigate challenging situations with more grace, ease, and calm confidence.

  • plus The 3-Minute Emotional Release

All for $597

AND... if you are ordering within 24 hours- it’s only $247 

AND...if you’re one of the first 5 women, you get the

'Quick To Calm' private coaching session

as an additional bonus!


If you’re ready to stop suffering and are looking for ways to take back your life, your power, your sanity, this process (with support and consistency) is here for you. Take advantage of this opportunity to free yourself once and for all. 

So you can embrace your life instead of avoiding it. You can take action instead of freezing and staying stuck. You can have deeper compassion for yourself and others so you can understand why you’ve suffered and how to actually do something about it. 

I’m so excited to show you the process - these 3 surprising steps from chaos to calm clarity!

Come join us! And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to connect with me. I’ll answer any questions - no obligation or pressure- so you can make the best decision for YOU. 

Program meets each Wednesday April 6 - 27
7:00PM EST

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