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Mon, Nov 22


Zoom and Facebook

From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed: Rock The Holidays Program!

You've taken the 5 Day Holiday Challenge but want to make sure you continue to knock it out of the park and get full mom posse support for when it hits the fan? This 6 week program brings up right up to 2022 with coaching and support both through Zoom calls and in our private FB group.

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From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed: Rock The Holidays Program!
From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed: Rock The Holidays Program!

Time & Location

Nov 22, 2021, 12:00 PM – Dec 31, 2021, 4:00 PM

Zoom and Facebook

About the Event

How to feel calmer, freer, and more relaxed without trying to figure it all out on your own.

Are you a stressed out professional mom who wants more space, time, connection, and fun during the holiday season?

We’ve all been there.

You’ve been running around all year taking kids to practice,

working your passion (and/or your job!),

handling  all the household chores,

while supporting your spouse,

and now the holidays are here!

It can feel like just one more thing (or dozens of things) that got added to your list.

You’re tired, irritated, and unmotivated.  You feel unappreciated, overlooked, and trapped.

You may think you need to be a superwoman to have the holidays go smoothly.  Or, in order to have a restful holiday season, you have to sell your Soul or make compromises that don’t fit who you are.

Simply not true.

You can have a meaningful, playful, and relaxing holiday season while still remaining true to you.

In fact, you might even be more true to who you are if you implement new ways to deal with this season with less stress and overwhelm.

Imagine your family sitting around the fireplace, table, tree, or menorah and you’re really connected.  You’re enjoying the meal and company.  You don’t feel rushed.  You feel confident about where you are and what’s coming next.  You know you’re rockin’ it- with your own style. And you know that you have a posse of supportive women who have your back if anything goes sideways.

Is it hard for you to imagine?

I hear you.

I couldn’t picture anything like this for myself.  I would dread the holidays as a young mother because there were endless tasks (so many new shoes to buy for holiday photos), household cleaning to do (it never ends), dishes to cook (and the weight gain I’d anticipate), relatives to deal with (what political football will be tossed around this year?), reminders of loss and other difficult past events that haunted me (why do I feel so sad at the happiest time of year?), and trying to get it all done in record time.

But, over the years I learned a lot of wisdom about how to fundamentally change my relationship with it all.  Now, I love the holiday season and I do it my way- finally!

This program is for any mom who feels stressed, overwhelmed, trapped, panicked and alone during this time.

It’s about learning to decrease the stress of this time and  getting support from other women who are going through the same thing.

Introducing how to take what you learned from the 5 Holiday Day Challenge and translate that into integrated action steps and continued support in 2022!

From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed: Rock the Holidays Program! you’ll get:

-practical tools  to relieve stress and frustration this season

-tried and true ways  to take care of yourself first so it doesn’t become the first thing off your list

-the experience of loving yourself through this time even more than before (and it’s a game changer)

-strategies to deal with challenging relationships (and that political football!)

-hacks to create a schedule that supports you and makes you more effective (and less stressed!)

-daily support of other women as you go through the season (you might even make a friend or two!)

For 6 weeks, you’ll have:

  • 5 weekly one hour meetings of group instruction and coaching via Zoom with other mom participants (Each Monday at 12pmEST starting November 22nd and ending December 20th)
  • A deeper dive into ourselves, our emotions, our bodies, our schedules!
  • Exercises and strategies to implement and assignments to do
  • I’ll be letting you know about resources that may supplement your learning  (books, videos, teachers)
  • We’ll stay connected through a private FB group so questions can be answered ASAP until the end of 2021!
  • You’ll have access to all recorded calls so you don’t miss anything and you can watch over and over.

Our program deals with this intense time of year where everything comes up: 

dealing with challenging relationships

feeling sad or lonely when you’re “supposed” to feel joyful, 

feeling tempted or pressured to abandon yourself

the demands and obligations of what’s “expected”, 

anniversaries of challenging past events,  

even the seasonal darkness of the northern hemisphere!

But, here’s the good news.  

Once you learn how to handle this part of the year, it changes your outlook and skill level for the rest of the year.

You might  be looking at January as a new starting point in your life!

You get:

The 5 Group Coaching sessions,

FB feedback group for 6 weeks ( and in 2022)

which translates into having a calmer, more peaceful,  more joyful holiday than maybe you’ve had for a long time  retails for ($1500)

All for $750!

But, I wanted to make this even easier for you

If you join us in the next 24 hours (by Saturday, the 20th by 12 pm EST):

You’ll receive a one-on-one private coaching session (a $150 value) for FREE!

And you get the entire program ($1500) 

plus the bonus one-on-one coaching session ($150), 

a total $1650 value

for $599.

(Note: If you wait to sign up after Saturday at noon EST, you still get a great deal of group coaching and the FB group  at 50% off at $750.)

Here’s what women have to say about their experience doing this work:

“It’s a true pleasure and a life changing process for myself and my practice full of wholehearted clients. I’m forever grateful.”  C.M.- therapist

“Just wanted you to know how much I really appreciate everything that you’ve made possible. I find my life now to be in stark contrast to my “previous life”. So much comes easier, my health, fitness and relationships with my kids, husband and meaningful friendships. Once I changed what I felt about my life, I was able to appreciate everything more and make good things happen more effortlessly. I am proud of everything that is happening, and it feels all very magical to me. I have managed to make myself a priority.

Thank you Rita.”

-R.G., mother of 2, entrepreneur/artist

“Finding Rita was an answer to my prayers! She is genuine, relatable, and really knows her stuff. I took advantage of her free consultation and was amazed at her ability to give me clarity and insight on issues that had been weighing me down heavily for a very long time. One would have to have an absolute passion for this kind of work to be so right on the mark as Rita was. All I have to say is Wow!”

-Tina, mother, healer

“I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate your helping me … on the call last night. Thank you for the gift of your time, help and encouragement. I truly appreciated your softness, your words of wisdom, your clarity, your spirit and your love Surprisingly (at least to me), I made a huge decision last night that I have no doubt was the result of the time I spent in your presence and today, I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Thank you so much!!”

-Bonnie, entrepreneur

“Rita has used her extraordinary insight to help me push past my stumbling blocks.

I feel tremendously blessed to have this powerful teacher in my life.”

-Gayle M., mother of 2, author “What if…?”

“Rita….I simply can never thank you enough for giving me “me” back, it opened me up to a whole new world and I am very grateful for the experience and having the good fortune to know you and work with you….a huge giant thanks….

I am so much more enriched and see it with family. I can be such a big procrastinator, you have definitely enabled me to make leaps with my life…I love being around you and our group..I’m always inspired and approach everything I do from a different angle and pass this onto others when I am able.

-Vanessa M. – mother of 2, artist

You may be saying “Rita, this sounds great and it looks like it’s really helped many women, but I’m not sure about the price.”

I totally get it.

Spending $600 on myself used to freak me out.

And it’s not chump change.  

Especially at a time when money seems to be flying out the window.

However, when I ponder all that I lost being stressed during the holidays, it makes me want to weep.  Lost time, lost moments with loved ones, lost energy, lost relationships, lost health.  

I want you to think about how overwhelming and painful this time of year has been for you….for years.   And now, you get to give yourself one of the best holiday presents you’ve ever received.  The gift of loving, supporting (and being supported by others), and creating a new type of holiday season for you and your family.   Knowing you’re not alone and can reach out for encouragement. You deserve better and more for yourself.

You get 5 weekly of group coaching sessions, 6 weeks of instruction, guidance,  and resources.  You also get access to 24/7 community through the private FB group as we end 2021 into 2022.  I’ll be sharing books, videos, information, and you’ll get encouragement and support through other moms in the program.  You’ll get questions answered and you can report on trials and triumphs!

Remember, if you order by Saturday, November 20 by 12pm EST, it’s $599 (60% off)  and you get the bonus private coaching session (valued at $150). 

If you order by Monday (we'll be starting that day!), you get the program for $750. (still 50% off!)

I’d love to work with you and have you be part of a leading edge of professional moms who are creating the holidays (and everyday) as moments to connect, feel joy, be present, have fun and change the world.

Join us so you don’t have to dread another holiday ever again.  

You’ll thank yourself and so will your family.

Register now!

If you have a burning question or need to talk, reach out at


  • Rock the Holidays Program!

    This ticket gets you in to 5 weeks of coaching and 6 weeks of online support through the holidays!

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