Wed, Oct 27 | Online Workshop

From Stress to Success: The Self-Compassion Strategy

Stressed out? It's cause may not be what you think it is. Learn simple a step-by-step strategy to zero in on what's stressing you out and how face it so you can move forward to the success and enjoyment of life that is awaiting you.
From Stress to Success: The Self-Compassion Strategy

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Oct 27, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT
Online Workshop

About the Event

Are you finding yourself stressed out by responsibilities, relationships, situations, finances, family life, your business, or all of the above? 

Know that you are not alone.

I’ve witnessed and experienced how stress is real and has significant impacts on friendships, workplaces, family life, and people’s health.

People are stressed, triggered, exhausted, and feeling helpless, angry, resentful.

I've been in that stressful place: tension in my body, carrying a weight that is exhausting, feeling like if I don't fix, control, or plan perfectly, it will all fall apart.  And it will be my fault!

Then, I learned, after decades of trying to find answers from teachers, gurus, self-development leaders that if I didn't look at what was going on inside of me,  I was never going to change what was stressing me out.

Once I saw what was going on inside, I had a new perspective.  I felt less judgmental of myself and others.  I learned how to be more compassionate to myself and others.  And the stress decreased...significantly.   I was able to move forward with what I wanted  to pursue my life with more energy and peace.

So, what does that have to do with you?

Working with countless clients and in my own healing, I’ve noticed a pattern: 

Whatever is happening on the outside, there’s a reason for it that comes from the inside.

It doesn’t mean it’s your fault or your imagination. It’s there and it’s real.  However, our ability to address, face, solve, and influence the outside is heavily dictated by what’s going on within us.

If you want to have more power, influence, harmony, strength, compassion, healing and unity  in the world, you must first discover and resolve the obstacles within  you that prevent you from experiencing all of it.

Working on yourself doesn’t mean all your problems suddenly disappear (although sometimes, things do seem to resolve themselves much more quickly). However, doing the inside work will allow you to show up differently. It will allow you to see new solutions, options, and possibilities. It will give you the strength to address, speak up or stay quiet to navigate sticky situations. It will rewire your brain and affect your energetic signal so you are, simply by your presence, a positive, calmer power in the world.

Would you like to be more clear and confident so you can live your life and enjoy success?

Here's your opportunity:

In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn: 

-how to see outside stressful issues from the inside so you can address them

-how to deal with your uncomfortable emotions that come up when stress and overwhelm are present

-how to deal with regrets of the past and fear of the future

-how to create practices and strategies so you can feel more clear and peaceful on the inside and therefore, be a peaceful power in your family, your community, and in the larger world

-how to be with people in a powerfully compassionate way

Welcome to Team Humanity! We need you right now.

We know the world feels really stressful right now.  We need more people who can face the world and stay centered and connected and compassionate.  Join us to bring more compassion and clarity in the world.

This workshop will run for 2 hours on Zoom.

We’ll be practicing emotional releases and other techniques to center and move through what seems to get in the way during these stressful times.

You will leave with tools and a short term and long term plan to keep your practice alive and make it a way of life so that you can create a  new calmer, more compassionate way to be in the world right now.  

Reserve your seat with a $47 refundable ticket! (Refunds sent after you attend)

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