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Tue, Feb 08


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Resolutions to REAL Results: Calm Confidence for 2022!

If you're a stressed out mom who really wants harmony in your home, to grow your career or just time for yourself (for once!), here's your opportunity to finally create the life you deeply want to experience!

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 Resolutions to REAL Results: Calm Confidence for 2022!
 Resolutions to REAL Results: Calm Confidence for 2022!

Time & Location

Feb 08, 2022, 12:00 PM – Jun 30, 2022, 4:00 PM

Zoom and FB


About the Event

How to go from overwhelmed to calm and confident (with real results) in 2022 without becoming a monk in the mountains!

For stressed out professional moms who  want harmony in their family and to rock their passions and career:

Did you end 2021 stressed and now 2022 feels like a repeat (or worse)?

Are you overwhelmed (and tired of it!) with parenting during this crazy time in history and worried about how your children will weather all the constant changes or restrictions?

Are you feeling constantly pulled from one activity or meeting to another and feel like you just can’t get it together (or even have a break!)?

Do you have a desire for something to change or maybe even an idea of what you’d like to experience in 2022 but just don’t know where to start?

Right now, you may not even believe that it’s possible to feel more relaxed or calm about your life but consider this: you’re trying your best but you don’t  know what you don’t know..

In other words, you may need to learn some strategies you’ve never tried before to create  a life  that works FOR you instead of against you.

Even if  you’ve tried everything  to feel better with little success, keep reading.

Imagine waking up feeling well rested, energized but relaxed to start your day.  

Your children are doing well and you feel a connection with them.  

Your spouse is smiling and supportive of you.  

You’ve got a day of building on your passions, doing meaningful work, social time with your besties, and time to rest and play. 

Your life is full, flowing,  and fun.  You feel calm confidence. You feel good about life and yourself!

My life has improved dramatically since I started out in my journey with this work 15 years ago.

But,  I remember the old days:

the sleepless nights worrying, the overbooked days of errands, activities, obligations, meetings and deadlines (and that’s on a good day!), the deep concerns about the welfare of my children in a world that seems so unpredictable, predatory, and invasive.  I’ve cried myself to sleep regarding my marriage, my kids’ health, and how I need to “save my family” from all of it.

One day, I hit rock bottom.

I was on a business call while my 3 toddlers were running around and I realized that my last chance to make a sale was slipping through my fingers.  I muted the conference call and started to cry.  I then realized that my children were also crying and pulling at my pant leg.

We were all crying because we wanted something so badly and yet no one was getting what they wanted.

I wanted to be a successful saleswoman of my health and wellness products so I could retire my husband and save my family.

My kids wanted my love and attention.

No one was happy.

I hired a coach who took me down a completely new path

A path where I took time to see what was driving me, why I needed to save my family (turns out I was completely off the mark!), and how I was trying to build a business in a way that was pulling me away from my goal.

I learned a lifetime’s worth of lessons with that coach (thank you, Chris!) and it started me on a journey of research, experimentation, and applying what I learned  with my girlfriends.

My coach explained why my attempts at New Year’s Resolutions of being a better mom, wife, slowing my life down, and making more money would inevitably  fall apart.

And how the lack of results that I wanted made me feel EVEN MORE like a failure and all alone.

What I didn’t know is that getting results that serve you (ie actually improving my relationship with my kids, my husband, and myself, making more money or building my business) is NOT just about making a resolution or having a “good vibe” or being sincere in wanting change.

It requires changes in your energy, mindset, and actions.

It is supported by your environment and practices.

It’s a team sport (don’t try to go it alone!)

When all those come together over time, you can move mountains!

When I realized how this worked, I saw a dramatic improvement in all aspects of my life: family, marriage, career, health.

Now I feel more confidence and energy.  Stress comes up but I know what to do when it arrives and I turn it into a rich, deep, meaningful and sometimes even fun experience!

I’ve been able to create a more harmonious home life WHILE growing my business and delving into my passions. I’ve been able to create more time for myself and what I love.  And I’m the healthiest that I’ve ever been in my 55 years. The best part is I feel like I’m having more fun in my life while watching my children walk through their lives.  I really didn’t think that was possible.

I went from rock bottom to new heights of fun, passion, and zest for life. 

From resolutions to real results!

What would YOU like to create in 2022?

Would you like to feel more calm and confidence in your ability to deal with life?

Your parenting?

Would you love to just have a day where you feel you’re getting what you need?

Would you like to bring in more money through your career or through other ventures?

Maybe you’d love to feel real health this year?

If so, here’s what  is designed to get you where you want to go.

                                                     Resolutions to Real Results: Calm Confidence For 2022!

This program is for stressed out professional moms who have desires and hopes for themselves and their family (and maybe have for years!) but haven’t been able to get the results they want.  They want to spare their children the stress of the pandemic (and not be stressed themselves!), better health, a better relationship with their children or spouse, be able to build their career or have time for themselves.

Maybe you’re saying “That sounds great, but I don’t know if that’s possible for me.”

I get it.  I felt the same way and your skepticism is totally reasonable.

Having said all that, I also want you to consider that even though you’ve tried other programs or solutions that may have not helped or helped only a bit, you may not have considered something that gives you the time, space, support, and delves into the roots of why people don’t success in getting what they want.

I tried so many things before I found my coach.  I tried everything I knew about.  Turns out that I didn’t know what I didn't know and I didn’t have another person who got through his own challenges working with me.  I  had thought I was all alone but this time, with my coach and others,  I had support in real time.

Knowing I wasn’t alone and had support was a game changer.

People who struggle with actually committing and accomplishing their New Year’s Resolutions or any goal are lacking at least one of these vital ingredients :

Clear goals with practices that support them

The success mindset needed to make lasting change

Energetic Practices that influence and support the desired outcome

Making time for themselves and their goals in their lives and how to support them daily

Strategies to deal with the inevitable obstacles, snafus, sabotaging beliefs, distractions that appear that can throw them off track

Support and accountability from others over time

Just one of these not going well can make a promising goal or practice crumble and NEVER really manifest in your life.

However, in Resolutions to Real Results:  Calm  Confidence  For 2022 covers all bases!

This 5 month program is designed to:

-Jumpstart you into your most important desires, goals, and practices for 2022 even if you’ve failed miserably before- whether they be about supporting your children, improving your relationships, finding time for yourself, or growing your business or career.

-Teach you how to deal with your ever present distracting "monkey mind" with lightening speed so you can stay focused and on track to be successful in all aspects

-Teach you energetic practices that foundationally support your goals and your life so you can attract and take action on your next inspired step

-Finally deal with your demons and sabotaging parts that you never even knew about so you can avoid the pitfalls of previous attempts that derailed you in the past

-Relax you so you can have fun while building and experiencing the life you’ve always wanted

-Help you to organize your present life to create your desired life both with family and your career or passions

-Help you to create a doable plan for dramatically improved family and professional life that you can actually follow over the next 12 months

-Support you through the whole process with a group of strong, confident and ever increasingly calm moms who are also stepping into the 2022 they actually want and enjoy.

You get:

Six -1 hour live weekly group sessions ($900 value)

 Sessions cover: Creating clear goals and practices, scheduling, dealing with obstacles, letting go of emotional patterns, mindset secrets, how to put in all in place ($900)

3 monthly 90 minute group follow up sessions ($600 value)

-to reinforce what you’ve learned and keep you focused and on track through rocky moments

Private FB daily group support through out the 5 month program ($1000 value)

-You have access to daily support, information, tips, hacks, questions, and getting answers sooner than later

Access to an Accountability Partner ($1000 value)

-You have the opportunity to pair with a participant where you provide accountability to each other to keep you on track with what you want for 2022

This 5 month program covers all bases program is valued at $3500 

For $997

Here’s what other stressed out moms who’ve worked with me  have to say about getting results:

"Rita has been a truly healing presence in my life. She is profoundly tuned in and on point when it comes to understanding my blocks to personal empowerment. Consistently patient and understanding, her caring presence, laced with her disarming humor, creates a safe space for me to share, explore, and challenge myself. I highly recommend working with Rita. She is a sparkling gem in the field of healers."-Carolyn Smiley, mother, LCSW

"The work we do together is phenomenal.  Rita's phenomenal!" A.M., mother, marketing executive

“I was completely amazed to see the transformation in my mind, body, and spirit after working with Rita. I was reclaiming my power!” -Teresa L., mother, healer

“The coaching with Rita was so clarifying and set me on a path that held me to my higher self. Others have adjusted to my listening to my needs better than I could have imagined.” -RG, mother, entrepreneur

“I simply can never thank Rita enough for giving me “me” back, it opened me up to a whole new world and I am very grateful for the experience and having the good fortune to know her and work with her….a huge giant thanks….

I am so much more enriched and see it with family. I can be such a big procrastinator, Rita has definitely enabled me to make leaps with my life…I love being around Rita and our community..I’m always inspired and approach everything I do from a different angle and pass this onto others when I am able.”-V.M., mother of 2, artist

You may be wondering if Resolutions to Real Results  is worth investing nearly $1000?

I get it.  This is not chump change.

You could be out nearly a grand and not have the year you were hoping for and feel even worse!

And if you’re planning on plunking down cash thinking that I’ll wave a magic wand and everything will change, then you’d be completely right to not invest.  However, I know from working with many clients that when they actually show up and do the exercises and step out to use the strategies, they get more results than they imagined.

This is not an investment in a program.  It's an investment in what you want for yourself.  It’s an investment IN yourself.  You are giving yourself a fighting chance to have more calm, more confidence, connection within yourself, and your family.  

And we'll be working on this together for 5 months.  You might even have fun!

And I've worked out an easy payment plan to make it easier for you!

Once again, here’s what you get:

-6-one hour weekly live group classes (recording available) on specific pillars to master around mindset, goal setting, your energetic foundation, how to overcome obstacles, planning and scheduling, using your Mom Squad (support!) and more

-Daily private FB group support for 5 months (through June 2022)

-Accountability partners to keep you focused and on track

-3 monthly follow-up meetings for maintenance, tweaking, focus

All for $997

You can spread the $997 payment over time with 3 payments (contact Rita for arrangements):

(Payment 1: $333 due by February 7th, Payment 2: $333 due by March 15th, and Payment 3: $331 due by April 30th)

Join a new generation of mothers who know what they want for themselves both in their careers, passions, and families and who realize that their success creates positive change in their personal and familial world but for the planet. These women are leading the way to a world where self-compassion, calm, and confidence are their superpowers and they inspire others to step up into their potential as well.

Are you tired of not having the family or career life you’ve worked so hard for year after year?

Are you ready for more love, calm, confidence, compassion, and connection in 2022 and beyond?

Join us!

I’m so excited to be working with you witnessing your calm confidence skyrocket in 2022!

Have questions you want to discuss before jumping in?  Interested in the payment plan? Don’t hesitate to have a FREE Calm Mom Call with me to see if this program is right for you. (

Get REAL RESULTS from your resolutions this year.

Don’t let 2022 slip by without creating what you want in your life.  It’s YOUR year! And we’re here to help you get there.


  • Resolutions to Real Results!

    This ticket includes 6-one hour group coaching sessions, 3 monthly follow-up sessions, Private FB group support! Yahoo!

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