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Tue, Sep 07


Phone and Zoom

The Becoming Awake Immersion Program: Make Peace at Home, Pursue Your Passion, Plan with Ease...Permanently

This 3 month program contains everything you need to make lasting changes at home and in your professional life. You can finally address long standing patterns of stress and frustration through individual and group guidance and support!

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The Becoming Awake Immersion Program: Make Peace at Home, Pursue Your Passion, Plan with Ease...Permanently
The Becoming Awake Immersion Program: Make Peace at Home, Pursue Your Passion, Plan with Ease...Permanently

Time & Location

Sep 07, 2021, 8:30 AM – Nov 30, 2021, 1:00 PM

Phone and Zoom


About the Event

Questions for you:

Are you a “professional mother” who feels overwhelmed by the responsibilities in and outside the home?  

Do you have anxiety that interferes with living life?  

Are you fearful of what others think about you so you do not express your true feelings?   

Have you tried everything, but are still feeling stuck?

Are you having conflicts and struggles with your children, spouse, family?

Do you feel like you’re failing or falling short trying to juggle a job/career or passion with the demands of family life?   

If you can relate to any of these questions, I strongly urge you to read on...

Ten years ago, I would have answered “yes” to all of these questions.

I know all too well what it’s like to feel completely stuck, overwhelmed and full of doubt about what to do.  I felt exhausted by my children, keeping a home, and running a business.

I had ongoing tension with my husband and was constantly stressed about how to parent my 3 children.  Meanwhile, my business was going “down the toilet” fast and I wasn’t even having fun with it!

I wanted to have a feeling of peace and flow in my day, but struggled with trying to do and control everything (with little cooperation) and no one seemed very happy, especially me.

I was a control freak.  I was a people pleaser.  I tried everything from meditation to crystals.

Today I’m in a very different place and full of gratitude. I am a speaker, an author of three books and an audio compilation, a musician, comedian, and mother while having fun and laughter with my supportive husband and 3 children.

In my dreams, I wanted to have a peaceful, loving, and fun household, an intimate relationship with my husband, a smoking body, and to make the world a better place through my business while making a nice profit.

Through my own ups and downs,  I have discovered concrete ways to shift into more peace, fun and gratitude. I have worked with hundreds of mothers and walked personally along side each person while they uncovered years of emotional conditioning, stuck thinking patterns, and unspoken trauma. Many have been in therapy for years without the tools needed to dig deep into emotional patterns. Many have sought healers who told them to “let go” without giving them practices they could easily incorporate into their lives. Many have given up on themselves because they are so full of guilt, shame and fear.  

Creating the life you’ve dreamt about doesn’t just happen automatically:

There are 3 areas to master:

Emotional patterns, 


and Consistent Action 

But if you don’t learn how to recognize and deal with your emotional patterns, thoughts, and beliefs, and then take action in a new way as your default way of living, you will be forever going in circles.

I will walk with you through uncovering emotional patterns, limiting beliefs, and how to plan action.

You have a beautiful life to live.   

You are worthy of a fulfilling life. 

You are allowed to pursue your passions with joy.

Every week, you will learn with others in the program how to address these patterns and beliefs.

Every day, I will lead you and others in supportive practices that become habits and your lifestyle.

Is this You?

"I’ve done therapy and it didn’t make a major change."

"I worked with a coach a few times and I forgot everything."

"I’ve already ruined my kids, what difference will this make?"

"If I don’t fix it or control what’s happening, no one else will."

"No one listens to me."

The problem is that while therapy is a powerful modality, it may not touch upon concrete practices or solutions.  You may have an intellectual understanding of your issues, but not the practices and support needed to  change how they affect your life today.  You may not see how beliefs and emotional patterns actually run your life.

You also may never have had the essentials for making it last: immersion, practice, and support in community.


One off coaching and classes just don’t make much change. I know this is true with this work because I’ve been there and seen it.

I’ve worked with countless clients over the years and some will work with me for a few sessions, feel great, and then vanish-- only to show up later in the same state that they started working with me.  Why?  While they discovered some things about themselves or experienced revelations or learned a new strategy, they soon stopped the practices they learned.  They stopped looking for more information about what’s going on.  The most successful mothers in this work stick with it-- especially during the more challenging times.  They receive coaching AND take classes AND join the supportive clubs.   They move through difficult situations using their tools because they have been practicing them all along.

It's not about fixing or controlling.  That has limited results, as you know.  It's also never too late for you and your family.  Even if your children are grown, there's always hope for change.  

Here's the opportunity for you to be heard by learning  to listen to yourself!

Join us for:

The Becoming Awake Immersion Program:  Make Peace at Home, Pursue your Passion, Plan with Ease... Permanently

In the BA Immersion Program, you are learning, practicing, and getting support for 90 days.  You are uncovering  “root causes”, forming habits in emotional release, developing self-compassion, looking at your specific challenges, all in a safe space.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

- How to uncover “root causes” of why you’re so stressed and stuck

- Simple, practical, and concrete tools and strategies to destress, and gain clarity to make change

- How to create new ways to deal with your family

- Strategies that create more space and time in your schedule to do what you love

- How to create more loving connections in your family while creating more fun in your business

Here’s what  you’ll receive:

You’ll start with..

- Six private, one-on-one coaching sessions with Rita  (Start now!)

  • Learn what individual unique “root causes” you have, how to recognize them, strategies to address and decrease stress, how to plan your day for success
  • (a $900 value)

- Access to 3 months of Releasing What No Longer Serves You classes (Tuesdays at noon-1pm EST) Starting September 7th, 2021!

  • Learn 5 unique emotional release techniques
  • Why emotional release is so vital to making lasting change
  • Get ongoing support from Rita and participants (we’re in this together!)
  • Be able to repeat the class up to 3 times!
  • (a $600 value)

- Access to 3 months of The Self-Compassion Project Club plus workbook (Every weekday morning at 8:30am EST) Starting September 7th, 2021!

  • Daily work on cultivating the essential motor of positive change-- self-compassion!
  • Learn specific exercises to connect with your self-compassionate self
  • Become fluent in self-compassion and acceptance to be able to handle any situation that comes your way
  • Gain group support and additional group coaching every weekday!
  • Includes The Self-Compassion Project Workbook
  • Be able to repeat this month long club up to 3 times!
  • (a $615 value)

This class, club, and coaching are LIVE with maximum face to face time with Rita

The class and club give 3 months of access to answer your questions and gain new insights with repetition.

Some experts say it takes 21 days to make a habit, others say it actually takes 40 or more days.  This program gives you 90  days to turn practices into habits and habits into lifestyle and lasting change.

If you took this coaching, class, and club separately, it would run you over $2000. But, if you commit to diving in and immersing yourself for maximum benefit, you’ll be able to enjoy lasting results...

For $997 

or 3 payments of $350 (email Rita at about payment plan)

Our participants say:

“I simply can never thank Rita enough for giving me 'me' back, it opened me up to a whole new world and I am very grateful for the experience and having the good fortune to know her and work with her….a huge giant thanks….

I am so much more enriched and see it with family. I can be such a big procrastinator, Rita has definitely enabled me to make leaps with my life…I love being around Rita and our community..I’m always inspired and approach everything I do from a different angle and pass this onto others when I am able.” --V.M., Artist, mother of 2

Releasing What No Longer Serves You

“Before  Releasing What No Longer Serves You class, I felt overwhelmed and frustrated and afterward, I felt content and hopeful.  This class has helped me face some deep buried feelings.  I was able to let those feelings go and I am learning to love myself.  It also helps me remember the only moment we have is right now.    Thanks Rita!"  --R.G., International Relations, Mother

“Releasing, with Rita's guidance, has helped me get in touch with my true self. She's shown me how to bust out of sabotaging thought patterns and negative emotions, which I never knew could be so simple to do! Without the dense, stale emotions dragging me down, I've got a more positive perspective on life that feeds me now. I've 'let go' of so many limiting beliefs - many I didn't even realize I had. I feel lighter, happier, and emotionally stronger. Thank you, Rita!” --A.M., mother of 3, entrepreneur

Self-Compassion Club Project Club

“As a multiple trauma and abuse survivor, I’ve done a LOT of work on myself prior to The Self Compassion Project Club.  I’ve found that there are still many days when I feel angry and frustrated that I’m 'not whole yet'.  Rita’s 30 Day Club met me where I was and allowed me 'in' no matter what kind of day I was having.  Rita and her workbook lovingly guided my inner child and me to a space where I could clearly see that I did the best I could with the broken tools (and family) I had as a child.  I am incredibly grateful to Rita for giving me new tools and for holding my hand through the process.  Thank YOU!”  --S.L., author, animal communicator

This program is perfect for a professional mother who is finally ready for letting go of stress and embracing her power.  A woman who wants to claim her rightful place as an authentic and authoritative parent, an intimate spouse, and passionate leader in the world.

This is not for you if you want one off OR on and off information OR quick fixes.

Join the Becoming Awake Community of Supportive Women

Be the next generation of professional mothers who are supportive and generous.  Be a leader among your friends in having fun, enjoying your children, connecting deeply with your spouse while growing your passion and/or career.

Do you really want to lose one more year, week, day or moment of better relationships with family or more success in business, or more peace within yourself?  Are you curious to experience what it is like to finally receive the love and acceptance you have always yearned for?  Do you want to start to get fluent in the language of love, joy, peace, and freedom as soon as possible?

Do you finally want to make peace in family life and pursue your passion while you plan with ease?

Get started today  Becoming Awake Immersion Program

Questions? Concerns?  Want information on our payment plan? Reach out to Rita at


  • The Becoming Awake Immersion

    This ticket allows for 6 coaching sessions, 3 months access to both Releasing What No Longer Serves You classes, and The Self-Compassion Project Club.

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